Jacob Heppner

Jacob Heppner has been on the CrossFit scene since his rookie debut at the Central Regionals in 2013 where he placed 18th. From there, he followed up with three consecutive years competing at the CrossFit Games. He has had two top-10 finishes and a career-best finish of 7th place in 2016. While he did not attend the CrossFit Games in 2017 and 2018, that doesn’t mean training and improving on weaknesses has taken a back seat. Join Jacob this year in his exact training program as he looks to make 2019 his best year yet!

Train with Me

I could type out a long paragraph about why you should join Midwest Made. Or, you could jump on for one month, do a bunch of ridiculous workouts, way too many goblet squats, grueling accessory work, and then you could quickly realize how important these pieces are towards your lifts and conditioning….or you could just leave this website and not sign up. It’s up to you.

Heppner's Programming

$ 60 Monthly
  • The exact programming Heppner is doing, right down to each set.
  • Training Notes and Intentions for each week.
  • Access to Private Page for Questions and Support.
  • 5 Days a week of Programming.

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MWM Affiliate

TBA Monthly
  • Structured and periodized programming designed for a 60 min class.
  • 2-week view to allow for coaching preparation with 6 days of programming per week.
  • Lesson plans outlining the days strength/power/accessory work as well as detailed intent for the days metabolic conditioning.
  • Substitutions for implements and equipment that your gym may not have.
  • 3 levels of scaling keeping desired intent of workout for all levels.
  • Access to private affiliate facebook group.
  • Monthly calls to discuss any specific questions about the programming with Midwest Made.

MWM Personal Programming

TBA Monthly
  • Personalized Programming tailored to your goals
  • Programming build around your individualized time frame and schedule
  • Daily access to coach via Text Message
  • Weekly Video Review
  • Bi-Weekly call with Coaching Staff to discuss training plan and progress
  • Access to ALTR App to keep data tracking

Midwest Made

Most have heard the phrase “Midwest Work Ethic” – which is what comes to mind when we actually think about what our training is like. This sport takes hard labor and perseverance, something that is rooted in both of us. As two true Midwesterners, we embody Midwest Made. We want to share the most thought-out level of programming that is going to push the limits of athletes. Athletes who are willing to test out what that “Midwest Work Ethic” really feels like and get results. We equally love a grueling work out, but we’re not here to just give you your “Workout Of the Day” and hang your hat up. Andrew has been studying in this field for years, and his personal experience and individual training with athletes has helped him understand how to most effectively tax the body mentally and physically. Jacob is at the elite level, following the exact programming of Midwest Made and nothing more. Let him take you on this tour of being Midwest Made.

Andrew Kuechler

Andrew graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Sports Science, finding CrossFit around that time. Andrew went on to compete in the North Central Regionals for five consecutive years. During this time, he earned his CrossFit Level 2 certification and became a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Andrew has helped group facilities like Cobra Command CrossFit as head coach, and he has been training partners with Jacob Heppner since 2015, working individually with teens and masters division athletes. Andrew is the program designer for Midwest Made, focusing on moving users into a direction that improves their performance daily.

Jacob Heppner

Jacob graduated with a degree in mathematics, so he won’t be contributing much when it comes to higher level thinking for programming. What he will be delivering is exactly what you would expect, plain and simple: disgusting workouts. Need more be said?

Winston Heppner

Winnifred is obviously the brains, brawn, and beauty of the operation. Without his complete knowledge of energy systems, taking the best naps, and best way to take a poop in the snow, Midwest Made would be unable to perform and succeed as it should. Birthed from royal English blood, he is made to run this company.

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